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Gibson Les Paul Custom
A classic. 1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black.
Mahagony body, maple top, ebony fretboard, Jazz/JB set Seymour Duncan pickups.
Gibson Les Paul Custom
This is a beautiful 1980 Les Paul Custom Wine Red.
Mahagony body, maple top, ebony fretboard, Pearly Gates/Custom set Seymour Duncan pickups.
Gibson Les Paul Custom Showcase Edition
A very rare Les Paul Custom. Only 200 pieces were made in 1988. Features the active EMG pickups, '60 neck, ebony fretboard, a thiner body and black hardware.
PRS Custom 22
A 1996 PRS Custom 22 guitar. Mahagony neck and body, rosewood fretboard, birds inlays, stoptail bridge.
LarriveÚ RS-4 CM
Best known for their acoustic guitars, LarriveÚ also manufactured some beautiful solid body guitars in the mid '80s. The guitar features a 24 fret three piece laminated Eastern maple neck-thru-body with alder wings, topped by a highly figured hand-carved maple top, ebony fretboard.
Ibanez JEM 777DY
An '80s style beauty, a piece of the original trio of JEMs! The brigde is Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge, the pickups are DiMarzio Paf Pro in bridge and neck position and a Ibanez Jem in middle position. Features the original "777" neck which was a bit fatter and more "D" shaped.
Ibanez RG 770
My first professional guitar, the Ibanez from 1991. I changed the humbucker pickups to DiMarzio Breed. Features a Wizard maple neck, a Ibanez Pro-Edge tremolo.
Fender stratocaster vintage '57 reissue
My first stratocaster. One of the last Fender Japan pieces for the European market. "V" shape maple neck and fretboard, 2 DiMarzio HS-3 pickups in bridge and neck position. Vintage style bridge.
Fender stratocaster vintage '62 reissue
I got this one from eBay. 40th anniversary, '62 style stratocaster. Rosewood fretboard with a "bird's eye" maple neck. Stock Fender pickups. The pickguad, the knobs and pickup covers are "mint green", "C" shape neck.
Jim Reed
This is a PRS style guitar featuring 24 fret rosewood fretboard, splittable humbuckers, fat neck.
Jim Reed Bass
A Fender Jazz style, 5-string bass. I'm not really a bass player, but need it when composing/arranging.
Takamine acoustic
Features a 3 band EQ. I use .011 -.047 "Silk & Steel" D'Addario or Martin strings. I like to experiment some open tunings with this one. Remember Jimmy Page?
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