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Pedals, accessories

dod 250 overdrive preamp Dod 250
Great overdrive/booster from Dod, very aggressive. Similar to the famous Boss DS-1, but this one has more body and more volume, and is less fuzzy. I use it as a booster, volume up and distortion down with my 2203 set to crunch.
ibanez ts9 tubescreamer Ibanez TS-9
Another great pedal.
I alternate between the Dod 250 and this one. The TS-9 has more mid frequency gain. I use it the same way I use the Dod 250: Volume up to 10, Gain down to 1.
boss dd3 digital delay Boss DD-3
Simple delay from Boss. I use it mainly with the acoustic guitar or for rehearsals. The delay for the live setup comes from the quadraverb and it's post power amp tubes. I don't like the delay before pre and power tubes, the sound gets too muddy.
boss ge7 graphic equalizer Boss GE-7
Great EQ from Boss. Use it to tweak the sound of the guitar (electric or acoustic), or as a booster. Experiment placing it before or after the overdrive. I use it to add more gain for the solos.
boss fv300h volume Boss FV-300H
Stereo volume pedal. I use it to controll the dinamic of the guitar, and to send the signal to the tuner. You can also set the minimum volume when the pedal is down. Built to last.
dunlop cry baby wha wha Dunlop Cry Baby
Legendary Wha-Wha from Dunlop. I use it after the volume pedal and before the overdrive, but you can experiment different placing with this one.
boss tu2 tuner Boss TU-2
Pedal tuner from Boss. Great for live setup. I use it outside the signal chain, connected to a separate line using the volume pedal.
marshall 1982 cabinet Marshall 1982
4 x 12 mono cabinet from Marshall, model 1982. Maximum power 400W, 4 Celestion G12T-75 speakers, 75W each. The ultimate Rock guitar cabinet.

power break MVM Power attenuator
This one is a must if you are using 100W tube heads. You can have your amp at 10 without distoying the venue you're playing in. The power attenuator is placed betwen the head and the cabinet and allows you to achieve excellent rock amplifier tones at reasonable volumes. Built by MVM service (Rome). Another feature is the "Line" output to send the "all tube" signal to the effect processor.
boss tu12 tuner Boss TU-12H
Simple tuner from Boss.
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