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Amps, live rig
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
The modern Rock icon. 100 watt head, this amp features 3 fully independent channels with 8 modes, footswitchable solo level control, effect loop, bias select switch (6L6/EL34) and many other cool features. My favorite amp at the moment.
Marshall JCM model 2555
Initially released as part of the Jubilee series (with silver tolex) to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Marshall in the business, this head was built between the 1987 and 1989. Main features: 50w or 100w switchable from the front panel, 3 channels but 2 selectable by footswitch (clean & lead or crunch & lead), effect loop.
Marshall JCM 800 model 2205
Marshall split channel head. The features include 50 watt (2x EL34 power tubes), 2 channel (footswitchable only), master volume, effects loop, and master reverb (also footswitchable). Some of the 2205 plyers include Michael Schenker, John Norum, Tom Morello.
Marshall JCM 800 model 2203
Marshall head model 2203 dated 1984. Single channel, 3 ECC83 pre amp tubes and 4 EL34 power tubes, 2 inputs, few pots but a unique sound. The first "Master volume" from Marshall. I use it mainly with a booster such as TS9, GE7 or the 250 from Dod.
The pedalboard is also an important piece in every guitar player's rig. Mine is very simple. It contains a Morley Bad Horsie wha-wha, Boss DD-20 Giga Delay (into the amp's effect loop), the Mesa Boogie footcontroller (when using the Mesa head) and a chromatic tuner. The grey box next to the DD-20 is the power suply.
Rivera M-60
This combo from Rivera is a very interesting and versatile amp: all tube, 2 (+1) channel, reverb and effect loop. The M-60 is capable of producing a wide variety of tones thanks to diffrent voicings of the 2 channels. I found it usefull for small clubs as well as in the recording studio.
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