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Taste Some Liberty cover Reviews for 'Taste Some Liberty'


- strutter'zine -
Guitarist MARKO PAVIC sent me a promo CD a few years ago, which surprised me because it was filled with high quality 80s Melodic Hardrock. Now his first official full-length CD has been released. The album features besides the fantastic guitarist/songwriter MARKO PAVIC also vocalist CHRIS CATENA (a wonderful singer who worked with GLENN HUGHES and STEVE SALAS on his own solo-CD on which Marko also participated), drummer DANIEL FLORES (who played on a lot of records, including MIND’S EYE) and several others, with as guest appearances musicians like TONY FRANKLIN (BLUE MURDER, WHITESNAKE), KEE MARCELLO (EUROPE) and VITALIJ KUPRIJ (ARTENSION), so a very impressive list of musicians are featured on the first PAVIC cd. The CD itself is filled with high quality Melodic Hardrock a la JADED HEART with Classic 70s RAINBOWish guitarwork. The first 2 songs out of the 12 included here are definitely the best songs, because both “Restless soul” (high class Melodic Hardrock) and “Summer of ‘98” (superb midtempo AOR with amazing chorus a la FAIR WARNING, without a doubt the best song on the CD) show that this is high quality musicianship. The rest of the CD is not that sensational, but still featuring great Melodic Hardrock with passionate soulful vocals and amazing guitarwork, with as other highlights “Fear”, “Night life” and “Where is she now” and also the SUPERTRAMP cover “Logical song”. Recommended to fans of classic Melodic Hardrock a la WHITESNAKE, RAINBOW, EDGE OF FOREVER, DOKKEN, XYZ, JADED HEART…

Gabor Kleinbloesem

- aorheaven.com -
Serbia born guitarist Marko Pavic is the driving force behind the band Pavic, which got completes by four dudes from Italy incl. the singer Chris Catena which released his critically accalimed debut “Freak Out” featuring a bunch of great guest musicians in 2003. “Taste Some Liberty” offers a nice dose of melodic hard rock in the vein of Rainbow (Joe Lynn Turner period) with a couple of outstanding tracks like “Summer Of ‘98”, “Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams” or “Desperate Cry”, but I can see absolutely no need for the cover of the Supertramp classic “Logical Song”. Overall a solid release with guest appearnces from Kee Marcello (Europe), Tony Franklin (Whitesnake) and Vitalij Kuprij (Artension).

- silentscreamzine.com -
It gets to the official debut of the band of Marko Pavic, originary guitarist from Belgrade but by now long time guest in Italy. The style coordinates this “Taste Some Liberty” offers are what you may expect from a six strings virtuoso: classic hard rock, heavily influenced by the masters that originated the movement in the seventies, to whom they add heavy references to the arena rock and even to the melodic metal of the eighties. The winning card of the album is in the smartness of Marko, who never just worries about showing his technical skills, likewise many of his colleagues, but especially takes care of the songwriting, trying (successfully) to give life to ever coherent enjoyable songs. Well, Marko shows to be a round musician and not only a simple refined performer, and for that Pavic give the impression of being a true band and not a mere solo project. A further added value is represented, finally, by the several important cooperations he enriched his album of: Kee Marcello (Europe, K2), Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, Whitesnake), Vitalij Kuprij (Artension, Ring Of Fire) e Daniel Flores (Xsavior, Mind's Eye) take part in the opera and that, as well as giving a bigger artistic thickness, will contribute in attracting more attention from the potential listeners. An excellent debut then, surely perfectible in some way (specially in the vocal approach) but that immediately shows a gifted already mature musician.

Dario Adile

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